Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our trip to the dolphins
two weeks ago we went to Bais to see the dolphins. We had a long boattrip, went swimming on the sand bar and some of us really saw dolphins.It was a very funny day!


One of our girls, Manilyn, wrote some of her own experiences on this day.
When we had our trip to Bais it was March 10, 2012. I felt very excited and happy to go there.When we were on our way we saw many swan in the river and seagulls.Some were playing with their companions and some were flying in the sky. We saw the sea and very big trees and many sugar cane and so many other things.When we saw a dolphin my heart leaped because i thought the dolphin will hurt us, but it didn't. Then we went swimming in the sea and this was very relaxing and i enjoyed it so much.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The typhoon Sendong and Earthquake

Sister Celina has written an account of our recent flood ordeals her in Valencia. 
Fortunately the Home and our girls were safe however as you will read the floods affected us all very deeply
Please visit the following link to read the account and see the photos.

Last week the whole island Negros was affected by another natural force. We had a strong earthquake and many aftershocks the following two days. The children were in school at this moment and we went to a safe place outside. Although nothing dangerous happened in our region, it is really scary if the earth suddenly starts to shake and to grumble. Everybody was happy when it ended and to the delight of our children, they had no school the whole week. During this time we did some nice activities.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Casa Cittadini welcomed Lei Parker!!

We had a wonderful visit from our Australian friend Lei Parker who is a volunteer with the Australian Business Volunteers and was the one who built our website last year. Lei returned to the home to catch up with the Sisters and the girls and to see what more could be done on the website.

A new addition to our webpages are the projects that we have identified around the home made up of essential maintenance projects and our wishlist of improvements that describe where we would like to be in the years ahead with such facilities as our own gardens, day care centre, computer rooms and a multi-functional hall as well as improving our ability to be more financially self reliant


Monday, March 14, 2011


We would like to share the happy moments that we spend together with our family in Casa Cittadini.  Our life is not only all about study and helping with the chores around our home.  Sisters also give us plenty of opportunities to experience different activities that bring joy and happiness to all of us.

Christmas Party at the Dy Family farm in Valencia

We had our Christmas Party at  the farm of Atty. Edmund Dy, Vice-Chairman of Casa Cittadini Foundation, Inc. and Board Member of Negros Oriental Provincial Government Council.  We invited some families in our community to join us in our festivities.

Getting ready to give thanks to the Lord for our lunch

From left: Julieta, Maila, Cathy, Elsie, and Gladys 
Hungry after swimming at the natural pool and eating our lunch in the most fun way for us Filipinos when we are having a picnic:  eating with our bare hands! 
(Sorry folks! No smiles for you in this picture.  
Our mouths were full!!!!  Besides, it was really cold!  If only you could see how our lips have turned blue.)

Jessica enjoying her lechon skin with dinuguan and spaghetti

Casa Cittadini youngsters Elsie and Gladys


Pure happiness: eating yummy food beside cool spring waters with nature all around us

We wonder who Keisha (right) is mad at in this pic?  No.... she really wanted to laugh along with Manilyn but her mouth was too full!

Clearly enjoying our simple celebration.  From left: Manilyn, Judalyn, Dawn Marie, Kristine, Anna Rose, Mirafe and Amalia. Keisha again at the rightmost corner.

Our beautiful social worker, Ate Ana (also with her mouth full that's why she could not smile) with Mommy Manina, and Sherlita.  Also in the picture are Nene (in blue shirt) and Meralyn (in pink shirt).  Maria Fe is sitted on the cement floor behind Nene.

Our little ones again Elsie and Keisha.  They came out of the pool only for two reasons: to either eat or catch  sunshine to warm themselves up.

Sr. Celina with Meralyn, Analyn, Manilyn, Maria Fe, Dawn Marie, and Nene

Sr. Celina watching us play "Trip to Jerusalem"

Keisha and Justine (one of the children from the community) playing the tomato dance contest

Community mothers supervising the games

Enjoying the cool spring water


ONCAN (Oriental Negros Children's Advocacy Network) in partnership with Robinson's Place and the Philippine Army organized this gift-giving activity last Christmas.  Two girls from Casa Cittadini, Elsie and Gladys, took part in this as well as some other children from the community.  

More than 200 children gave their wish list for Christmas.  The shoppers of Robinson's Place joined hands to make their Christmas wishes come true.

The Vox Orphanorum performed during the program.

Gladys shown here with Arnel (in reindeer horns), one of the community children, who was also a recipient of this gift-giving activity.  The smiles in their faces speak volumes of their excitement and joy at being there.

This is Robin Paul, brother of one of our girls in Casa Cittadini.  He is a victim of Cerebral Palsy.  His mother had to carry him around because they were too poor to buy him a wheelchair.  Even the smallest chores were very difficult for his mother to do because Robin Paul could not walk or even sit down by himself.  He had to stay inside the house all the time.  Even visits to the Health Center were very difficult for them.  Last Christmas, he expressed his wish for a stroller and this was granted to him.  

Happy Julieta posing with her brother Robin Paul in his new stroller.  Now Robin Paul could easily be brought out of the house for fresh air or just to keep his mother company as she went about doing her chores.